1. What is a soils test and why do I require a soils test at the preliminary stage?

A soils test is when an engineering firm visits your site and performs bore holes into the soil to remove the contents (they will bore down until they reach resistance or approx. 3m deep whichever occurs first), once they have removed enough soil from each borehole they will send to the laboratory for testing to give an accurate indication of the type of soil your foundations are to be placed on and the level of movement and reactivity that can be expected. You may have heard of the different types of soil classifications (i.e. MD, H1D, H2D, E), each of which require differing structural engineering to ensure your homes foundations are as solid as they can be. 

Each of these categories requires different products to be used within your concrete slab and can vary substantially in pricing with MD being the lowest and E (extreme) being the highest.  Once your soils test is completed we can provide a price reflective of the type of soil you have, to ensure there are no surprises for you. Generally from our experience building in Dubbo, usually most blocks of land return a H1D soils test result which is why this is part of our standard inclusion listing (we try to provide you with the most realistic pricing for your new home), although it is cheaper to include an MD soil classification it is usually not a realistic outcome.

2. How long does it take to build a new home?

Generally, a realistic timeframe is 25 weeks, which is what we allow for in majority of our building contracts. Sometimes the works can be completed in less time, however depending on your home and the size and details involved we may require a longer period of time to complete. We can give you an indication on timing once we see your plan and the detail involved.

3. Do you allow us to make changes to your standard inclusions?

At BCG Building we understand that no two clients’ wants, and needs are the same and therefore do not expect our clients to fit into the same box as another. Our inclusions are a tool you can use to guide you in your journey as it is a comprehensive list of everything that you would require to move into your home. You choose all the selections prior to works commencing and pricing is provided to ensure these items fit within your price range.

4. Some of my friends have had bad experiences with builders where there are hidden costs that they have had to pay for at the end of the job. How do I make sure that doesn’t happen to me?

Hearing people say that to us is very disappointing and at BCG we want to make sure that none of our clients ever feel like that. We provide a fixed price contract which ensures that you are covered from any price rises. We also do comprehensive work with you prior to signing building contracts to enable you to make the most educated choices possible and ensure everything is included in your specifications – this doesn’t only give you piece of mind but it also makes our job a lot easier as we can ensure all items are ready for site when required so we can meet our scheduling timeframes. This also minimises the need for allowances for items as everything is priced specifically for your home.

We also want you to sit back and enjoy the experience of watching your new home unfold once work commences instead of feeling stressed trying to complete your selection choices.  

5. What insurances do you have and what do they cover?

The main types of insurances for building include, Home Warranty Insurance, Construction Works and Public Liability Insurance.

Home Warranty Insurance:

Home Warranty Insurance, or Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) as it is now referred to in NSW, covers the homeowner (and subsequent owners) where the contracted building work is incomplete or defective and the builder has either died, disappeared, become insolvent during construction or has failed to respond to a rectification order within 30 days of it being issued. The cover lasts up to 6 years from completion of the domestic building work or termination of the domestic building contract (6 years for structural defects and 2 years for non-structural). 

Construction Works / Public Liability Insurance:

Construction Works Insurance (otherwise known as Contract Works) is taken out to cover a specific construction project, or annually to cover a number of projects. Coverage is generally arranged by the principal or head contractor and provides access to two sections of coverage.

Section one covers Material Damage occurring on the job site and section two covers Public and Products Liability for third party property damage or third party bodily injury arising out of your negligence. 

The policy provides indemnity for insured parties reflecting the provisions of the contract entered into. Coverage is generally extended to include the contractor, the principal, sub-contractors, financiers and other interested parties to the contract.

6. I don’t have land or a chosen plan, where do I start?

We can help you from start to finish. We are very familiar with all areas of the Dubbo geography and can give you advice on areas that will suit your requirements, simultaneously we work with you to design your own home depending on the size of land you are after. We work closely with a local draftsman who can provide you with a preliminary plan to work with. We have some of our own designs that you can use or modify to suit otherwise you can start from scratch, either way we will guide you in the process with our extensive knowledge.

7. Do you have a display home or showroom?

We have a showroom located at Unit 3, 16 Hawthorn St Dubbo. This is where we do all our selections with you and work in conjunction with BCG Kitchens and Joinery. We are also more than happy to take you to any of our current jobs to show you what we do, especially if we have a home similar to what you are looking to build. We find this more effective than having a display home that is not reflective of what you want in your own home.

8. Can you provide me with a square metre rate?

This is a common question that clients ask for and we understand it is an easy way to work out whether you can afford the size home you are looking at. Other builders are happy to provide this; however BCG Building doesn’t provide square metre rates as this is a poor indicator to pricing as plans can differ substantially in areas that are more expensive to construct (i.e. bathroom and kitchen areas which have additional features above a standard room).